Facets Of Iran – Exhibition Berlin

Facets of Iran – Exhibition at Somos Berlin

Can we meet others as people and not projections of our romantic notions or our worst nightmares?

This exhibition reflects the experiences of 3 people with distinct impressions of a shared place and time. 

Utilising our combined tools of photography, filmmaking, anthropology, and material art, our work represents glimpses into the richness and diversity of Iranian people and their environment.

We have stepped away from the de-humanising geopolitical headlines to show a Western audience more nuanced and intimate perspectives of the Iranian people.

Everyone is a photographer

The more I travel the more I see people taking photographs of not just themselves, but also each other, historic sites, their food and anything else that catches their eye. This in itself is not unusual, and after all I do the same, but what is escalating beyond any sense of proportion is the sheer … Read more

Inside Iran

Nowhere else has such a stark difference between its international persona and the people you meet as does Iran.

Torres Del Paine – Patagonia photo

Torres Del Paine, National Park must be Eden on earth for landscape photography and a stunning Patagonia photo is within easy grasp. I first went here in 2009 and was captivated by the whole region. Many people are confused about ‘what is Patagonia?’ It’s a vast area of wilderness land mostly in Argentina but also … Read more

Old Man Of The White Desert

Some places are just more photogenic than others. While it’s true that you can take a great photos just about anywhere, there is without doubt, some environments that make life so much easier. One such place is the White Desert in Egypt. This one of the most interesting of what are generally known as the … Read more

Holy Varanasi ghats

The Varanasi Ghats are found in what is reputed to be the city with the longest continual history in the world, at over 3,000 years. The city is spread along the west bank of the Ganges River (or Ganga as it’s known in India). Confusingly, the river, which flows from the Himalayas in the North … Read more

Wild West in Spain

You may know that what are often called “Spaghetti Westerns” were actually filmed in Spain and this includes the Sergio Leone trilogy. What you might not know is that a lot of the original film sets are still there, and easy to visit. Some of the sets, created by Sergio Leone, are open to the … Read more