Inside Iran

Nowhere else has such a stark difference between its international persona and the people you meet as does Iran. Walking around the streets of Tehran or Shiraz feels more like being in Europe than the Middle East. For the series Inside Iran I spent 2 weeks travelling around the country, meeting people, seeing ancient sites and witnessing the Shia celebration of Hussein.

Old man selling flowers in Esphahan, Iran

The country is an enticing mix of ancient sites, modern development, conservative Islam and Western aspirations.

Go as far as you can see and when you get there you'll be able to see further. Persian Proverb.

Camel being prepared for sacrifice at Ashura celebration in Yazd, Iran

Ashura celebrates the death of Hussein, the most revered figure in Shia Islam.

A young boy watching an Ashura procession.

From the choking streets of Tehran to the quiet calm of the old city of Yazd.

Wandering the alleys and passage ways of Yazd.

The country is changing. The people are changing. In history there has always been change in Persia and now as modern day Iran, it continues.

Conservative and liberal.

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